Replacing characters with each other

Hello & thank you for your time.
I need character1 to become character2 in the scene where the male character is kissing a girl and he’s imagining it is another one.
I wanted to make sure I understand this thing right - I have to write something like this?:

&MALE_CHARACTER spot xxxxxxxx
&FEM_CHARACTER1 spot xxxxxxxx
@MALE_CHARACTER moves to layer x
@FEM_CHARACTER1 moves to layer x
@MALE_CHARACTER is kiss_passionate_loop
@FEM_CHARACTER1 is kiss_passionate_loop_rear
@FEM_CHARACTER2 spot xxxxxxxx

And then I just make them switch layers?

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You can use the hide function! I’d leave it how you have it but put hide CHAR instead of switching layers.

Then when you want to show the character again just put show CHAR.


Okay, thank you. I’ll deff try this


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