Replacing skintones isn't more diversity, it's just replacement

I love the new skintones, I really do, but I think that the old skiintones should’ve stayed.

It’s not really diversity if you just replace old skintones which some people in the world have them with others.

You guys have added stuff, why not skintones? Unless it’s a different way of adding them, but still, if you can add them why not? You added the visual editor, so than too many skintones shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I liked the old ones as well as the newer ones, when you do things like replacement t help your story makers you should think about how’d they’d feel. You got a lot of people hyped only to replace the old skintones and make everyone hav to change out their old overlays again, ticking people off.

It’s best to consider whether people would still want the older stuff instead of just replacing it with new ones if you want to instead of if you have to. I have never (Except for GoAnimate) heard of most people who created story makers do that, just two. Instead they added more. Maybe they removed a few stuff but still they never did something, that could cause a backlash that bad.


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