Replacing skintones isn't more diversity, it's just replacement


I love the new skintones, I really do, but I think that the old skiintones should’ve stayed.

It’s not really diversity if you just replace old skintones which some people in the world have them with others.

You guys have added stuff, why not skintones? Unless it’s a different way of adding them, but still, if you can add them why not? You added the visual editor, so than too many skintones shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I liked the old ones as well as the newer ones, when you do things like replacement t help your story makers you should think about how’d they’d feel. You got a lot of people hyped only to replace the old skintones and make everyone hav to change out their old overlays again, ticking people off.

It’s best to consider whether people would still want the older stuff instead of just replacing it with new ones if you want to instead of if you have to. I have never (Except for GoAnimate) heard of most people who created story makers do that, just two. Instead they added more. Maybe they removed a few stuff but still they never did something, that could cause a backlash that bad.


I don’t believe that the new skin tones were really meant for diversity. They were changes made so the style could be pushed further - such as adding beauty marks, freckles, and facial hair. It’s all explained in a recent update post of theirs.


In my opinion, replacing skin tones IS more diversity as the advanced shading on the faces allows for the implementation of more features. Sure, I liked the old skin tones, but I’ll take the new ones over the old ones if it is a step in the right direction to developing new features like freckles, moles, scars, beards, plus-sized faces, and more.


Not to mention the old skin tones weren’t very accurate. While the new ones still need work, I definitely have more options for my darker skinned characters. Having double the skin tones isn’t helpful if I can’t use most of them. Personally I’d rather quality over quantity.


I don’t even understand why do people freak out because of body parts overlays. It takes few seconds to make one :woman_facepalming:t4:


Yeah, but seriously some people have some of the older ones as their own skintones, one girl said that one was a dead center match for hers, I would’ve fixed them, but if they had to replace because of issues I’m fine.


I’m not one of those people, but if I had to go back and fix 130 episodes (Of which someone may have) Of old limelight skintones, that would suck.

I did feel like you, however the 130 senario I came up with just now ruined that.


someone had to fix 130 episodes?

omg :disappointed_relieved:


That was a made up scenario, but it’d explain the anger, and is unfortunately possible, so it could’ve happened. ):’


Yikes. Glad it was made up :slight_smile: