Replacing the Trigger Warning Screen

So question, are we allowed to make own content warning “splash”??


Love it :blush:

It looks more simple than the past design.

But what matters more is that the warning is seeable and easy to understand. Design should be the least of our worries!

I think that I’ll stick to making my own content warning backgrounds, though. I like featuring my characters and being creative!



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Well you know you dont have to use it you can make ur own

Uh, I’m well aware of that. What’s that have to do with me asking my question?

The problem is that things that may trigger some people may not trigger others. Some people are triggered by violence. Others by self harm. Others by strong language. Or discrimination. Need to be a little more specific.


I honestly thought this was some sort of mistake or glitch in the app. I think it is far less effective.

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They really need to change this, what a waste of time these splashes are. A baby could have made them and they would still have been better!


I like this but what might be triggering to one person what might not be to another, same for topics.
It’s very vague and not specific enough.

I wish I knew before I made like a million splashes :3

@Melani3 You guys should consider having multiple ones. The ones before as well as now are simply too vague and so does not do it’s intended job well. At all.

These are proper trigger warnings


Taken from Choices, from book A Courtesan of Rome


(heh love that book,)and yeah I agree trigger warnings should be more specific like that so readers know exactly what they’re getting into

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Would I need a trigger warning for murder?? I’m not showing anything and my story is a murder mystery but as it contains the concept of murder would I need to put a trigger warning?

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If there is no graphic detail then I’d say there is no need for a trigger warning as there is no upsetting visuals. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you :blush:

Hay guys can someone please help me with a trigger warning for the beginning of my story it starts off a little sensitive

If still need help, I can help

Please pm me💕

Yes I do it my first time writing and am struggling :woman_facepalming:

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Can you PM me and I can help make you warning signs