Replacing the Trigger Warning Screen

Yeah, but all stories have many many possible triggers. Shall we make a list in every warning background?

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I’m just here to say episode can’t do anything right and it shows. At least state on a scale or something how bad it references drg use, ab^£ and etc. And to those saying “…you want em to make a list”, shut up. Because y’all just agree with episode any minute of the damn day. This is serious coz if a story has a ton of flashes and it triggers someone’s epi*^psy but all it says. “Haha beware violence Oop u might get something from this but I don’t know oh well idc” well then who’s fault is that? WHO’S FAULT IS DAT?


Oh, Episode… when we meant better warning things, we didn’t mean this…!


That’s what I mean. You can’t please everyone. But I think people should be aware of major things that should be mentioned in content warnings. But unfortunately not all will.


IMO there should be 3 main warning pages. One for strong language, one for violence and one for sexual content. Anything other than that it should be the writer who is responsible for it.


I don’t understand why the old backgrounds have to be removed. I, for example, would gladly read a story with strong language and mature content, but I don’t want to read stories with abuse or sexual assualt. This new screen doesn’t give me any information about what I’m about to read, so I personally think it would be better if it was an extra background, and not the only option we can choose from.


I think this warning is so vague. So many topics can be upsetting for different people. It’s time to start using categories like: sexual content, mature language, violence, etc. and which kind of content each story has inside.

Apart from that, I wanted to talk about covers and titles, especially in stories that appear in the most popular or read shelves. Like some of them clearly have sexual or violence references (firearms, blood, suggesting poses, revealing clothes, gangs) that could also be upsetting to some viewers. I was thinking in some kind of warning. Like a blurry picture that you must click on after reading the warning. :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t understand why everyone is so complaining about it.

Open paint, phonto or whatever and create the text that fits for you perfectly. Problem solved. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Thank you for this! I like them. It’s clear, attention is on the text instead other things.


If you don’t understand then read what people are saying because it has been explained clearly.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to create their own text and if the one is being provided for us has its issues people will and can state their concerns about it. Why? Because they’re allowed to.


I’m not her, but you can definitely still use your own. Matter of fact, I’d even encourage people to do so because these warnings are so incredibly vague that not even a cia agent could figure out what they’re supposed to be warning specifically when an author uses them in a story.

If you like general warnings, obviously this is a good option, but if someone feels the need to even place a warning like this, then I think they should maybe think about ditching the general one anyway and focus on warning about the thing that could be intense for some; the fact that they think maybe there should be a warning most likely means there should be.


It should probably be more specific as to what’s in the story. Some content can be triggering for specific people while other content isn’t. You should make some more that specifies whether it’s mature themes, strong language, or something else.


I think having the generic white screen with simple, vague writing might have one thing going for it. I think it might encourage some writers to create more specific warnings that fit their own stories. The super plain font is nice for those who don’t have experience with making splashes bc it is very simple to open some generic app and type text that ony needs changed font that also looks clean and concistent with the actual Episode splashes. I do agree that it’d be helpful to just already have warnings for at least mature language, sexual content, and sensitive topics. Otherwise they’ll lose meaning as readers wont actually know what specific trigger it might mean and will either DISCOURAGE readers from reading out of uncertainty or ENCOURAGE readers to just ignore it bc they’ll think that they just might be implying more mature language or something.


“Problem solved” not everyone has time to make they own splashes. That’s like saying oh you don’t like the clothes episode makes? Make ur own :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


The comments I read, nobody seems to be complaining. More so expressing concerns/thoughts/feedback. Yes, we can create our own template or splashes. That’s not our issue here. The issue here is that the new splashes are redundant, in this case. My issue is that the new splashes should be a bit more specific especially considering the revised guidelines on adding content warnings.

I would like to point out that Melanie said this in the OP. So, even if we are complaining, that’s our prerogative.


I agree, you can make your own. I think they are talking about Episode providing different ones.


I do agree with @EpisodeHoneyy, you can make your own. People can get uncomfortable or triggered by anything in your story, we can’t expect them (Episode) to make all splashes of all those possibilities. You can request one too, whatever works for your story, just make it or request. It’s nothing too big. I also have one more question for those saying “They probably don’t have time to make a splash” if you don’t have time to make a splash, how do you have time to write your story? If you can write your story you make/request a splash, simple as that.


I mean… you can do one thing and still not have time to do another. There’s only so much hours in a day. Some people may prioritize writing a story over making a splash and there’s nothing wrong with that. I agree you can definitely request a splash but it’s not guaranteed that you will receive the splash. Some people have an upload schedule to manage their time and this may cause some sort of clash. Everyone’s time and day is different.


This right here, go to a shop that is known for finishing their requests then.

I’m sorry, I know we’re all different. But this is an exaggeration, a splash will not take hours out of your day, sure it depends on the person, but I guarantee it will not. A splash takes around 10-30mins to make.
You don’t have time? Do it on a day you’re free. Let me guess maybe you want to take a break from everything and not do it? In that case, I don’t know what to tell you.


People can also just use the narrator. That only takes seconds.


Yeah they can and some do. I honestly prefer that with the option to skip. But she asked a question about splashes so I gave an answer.