Replaying a story for more than five times

I am in love with many stories on episode app and like rereading them again and again and as I have said before five times to replay a story is unfair. I think it should be endless to replay a story you love… there should not be a five time limit so please whoever agrees with this please like so it can be changed to a endless limit of replaying a story.


You should check out this post. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes I have… i really need it to go into effect is there anyway we can read a story more than five times yet?

Not that I am aware of. Technically if you have another device that can download Episode, you could play the story again on there with a new account. I don’t know if that is against any rules or not, but I would see it as more ad revenue for them.

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I really need it to be endless… but how do I make another account?

Same way you made your first account, just with another gmail or Facebook account.

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I actually wasn’t aware of this and took for granted that we had unlimited replays… oops…

Theres no unlimited replays but there should be

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