Replaying an earlier chapter

Can you send the reader back a chapter? For example, if someone makes the wrong choices in chapter 3, they get sent back to restart chapter 2, so they don’t have to reset it and reread the whole story from scratch to get another ending. Does anyone have code for this? I’ve tried leaving a label and using goto [label] but it doesn’t seem to work across chapters. I get an error in both chapters (one saying the label hasn’t been used and the other saying the goto doesn’t lead anywhere).
Update: also tested this forwards and you can’t goto anywhere outside of the chapter, it seems. this is so sad

I was looking for this myself but unfortunately I don’t think we are able to do this :frowning: would be a great feature to have though


Ah that’s annoying! Thanks for the reply though. I might have to see how far the word limit of one chapter can stretch then lmao

Yeah, hopefully it will be possible to fit everything into one chapter. I might have to change the idea around this because my original idea will branch a LOT and idk if itll be over the line limit

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