Report a story by accident

I accidentally report the story reason to breathe and select remove and now when I pick play it takes me out and I want to read it, how do I solve it?
by accident I reported one of my favorite stories and now I can’t read it there is no way to change my pocket ID on my ipad so that I can read it

I already sent about 7 tickets because I reported my favorite story and they told me there is no solution for I already asked if changing the ID pocket, could you solve it?


You might be able to send a ticket? Let Episode know that you reported a story by mistake.

Agreed! u should send a ticket, u can using this link: Submit a request – Episode

That sounds horrible! I never knew you got locked out of a story after reporting it.

Like the others said, try a ticket.

Also sometimes it takes a lil waiting.

You might have to make an entirely new account if that’s the case :slightly_frowning_face: That really freaking sucks

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Is there a way to undo a story report? I accidentally reported a friend’s story by removing it from my ‘friends list’ under the create section and now I can’t access it… this is the message that comes up :arrow_lower_left: