Report bug with props in male characters!


Hi! I want to report a bug that is happening to me with male characters. I’ll do my best to explain what’s happening to me. In detailed, I’m writing a story where you can choose to be a female or a male MC, and I’m using exactly the same script, only changing the name of the character, obviously. But the problem comes when I use props with the male MC. The MC only holds the prop for a moment and suddenly is gone, and that doesn’t happen with female MC. Can anyone help me with this? Why does the prop disappear only with male MC if I’m using exactly the same script? Thanks in advance!


Are you using hidden props? Because they’re not visible on the web previewer. And check this topic for more details:


No, I’m using the Text Book Open Navy Blue (I guess is the name of the prop, I can’t remember right now xD). When I first wrote the episode, it worked right, until the recent update of clothing and hairstyles, etc, it doesn’t play as it seemed, only in male characters.


You may need to submit a help ticket to the support team about this issue! :smiley:


Thank you very much! I just sent a ticket :smiley: