Report Episode_Amanda

Aka I changed the story name to “Loveless Marriage”. And I changed the plot.

  1. I just looked up their profile on Insta. Their bio clearly says requests are closed, something you probably should’ve read before messaging them? It’s easy to be frustrated when someone doesn’t read the rules (especially since requests take time and effort and deserve respect since they’re free), so yeah, can’t blame them much there.

  2. Why are you calling them out on the forums for this? That is rude and uncalled for. Even if they were less than polite about your story’s plot, that is something you should resolve in DMs with them. It is highly inappropriate and immature to not only expose what was meant to be a personal message, but to also ask us to report someone for expressing their views and making you aware of their rules. It is just fine to be personally against or uncomfortable with a concept, and pretty much all cover artists reserve the right to refuse requests.


I know, but she shouldn’t be that rude!

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Asnd I changed it to Lifeless Marriage

Changing the title of the story doesn’t necessarily alter its plotline, and it appears that it was the general themes of it she was uncomfortable with.

And she is being perfectly fair imo- cover artists work hard, and generally create their works for free and time and time again in the community, many face instances of people not reading their rules or threads or pages properly or of submitting requests in a way that is not how they requested or being robbed of due credit or generally being disrespected. Could she have been a bit politer about it? Maybe. Does that justify this thread? No.


I changed the plot too

Report her for what, exactly? She did nothing wrong. She states in her bio that she doesn’t accept requests. You sent her one anyway. She has every right to tell you no and unless there was more to the conversation you could have at least asked nicely rather than saying “I have a cover request”.

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She was rude!!

I did not know, and I changed the plot.

She actually have a long line of people wanting a cover for her. She actually stopped doing requests temporarily because she had too many people to do at the moment. I agree that is kind of harsh and that Amanda could have respond a little nicer. But there’s no reason to report her however. I mean I really don’t blame her for responding in a rude manner. I supposed she had other people pressuring her to make them their cover art. I mean if I were in her shoes, I’d be annoyed as well. Imagine having hundreds of people telling you to make them their cover art, cause it’s not a pleasant position to be in :frowning:

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True, but she should apologize

Closing as this violates forum guidelines:

Thanks for your understanding :slight_smile:

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