Reporting a Story -- Introducing Tyler from the Reader Team

Hello Episodians!

The reader team has been grateful for all of the assistance from the community in helping to keep the platform suitable for everyone. The team has some feedback about how to report stories that may contain questionable content. When reporting a story please include as many details as possible, to help us speed up the process, such as the following:

  • Story Title and Author Name (a screenshot of the story card is helpful but not necessary)

  • Specific chapters or scenes, if applicable. We appreciate if you could include as much information as possible if your report is regarding specific content in the story rather than the story as a whole, such as, the chapter number and the scene in question, or, the chapter number and a correlating screen recording/screenshot about the content you are reporting.

You may, of course, always send in a ticket using the form found on this link:

But you may now also DM @Tyler to report stories that break guidelines.

This is ONLY to be used for violation reports for now. Which include but are not limited to:

  • Content that is inappropriate
  • Images that are inappropriate
  • Plagiarism of any type

If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask in the thread below. Also, give a big welcome to @Tyler who has been wanting to join us here for quite some time and can’t wait to get started.

Updated 6/3/2019


Quick question about this one. Now, okay, let’s say I want to use a poet in my story, and I mentioned him/her in my story with quotes of their poetry, and taking about who the poet is. Will that be okay? :thinking:


Welcome to the community! :green_heart:


Welcome to the community @Tyler! :clap:t3: :fire: :sunglasses: :v:t3:


That would be a ticket question for the reader team. It would really depend on when the poet was around, how much of their poetry you used and a bunch of other variables. I would send in a ticket using the link in the OP so you can give them the details and they will be able to give you an firm answer.


Awesome! Thanks @Arlene :fire: :sunglasses: :v:t3:

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Welcome @Tyler :slight_smile:


Hey @Tyler, welcome to the crazy community


@Tyler welcome.
Also how do you get featured on episodes shelf. I only see big authors getting featured.


Ticket send. :+1:t3:

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I would love to know as well. :thinking: @Arlene

This topic really does not cover that. This is only about reporting violations. Or welcoming Tyler. Not about how to fix your story, whether your story might be in violation or how to get your story more love.

I may start another thread or contribute to an existing one to demystify this a bit. In the meantime, though, let’s keep the questions here in line with the topic of the original post.




Hi @Tyler, welcome!



:wave: I appreciate your positive welcomes! :pray:


This seems like a great change. Welcome @Tyler and good luck to you… you’re going to be getting a lot of PMs I can imagine :smirk:

I’ve actually had a question in mind about what stories can get reported for for a while now…

If a character’s name is a swear word, would that count as content that is inappropriate? I almost feel as if it’s depending on the context and which specific curse word :thinking: So if you could confirm, that would be great :smile:


Love ya Amber, love ya :rofl:

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