Reporting forum bug

i don’t know where else this should go but the forum started to transform png to jpg - so when I on the forum send somebody overlay it transformed it to jpg.

Like this is in my pc PNG
as you can see when it uploads it still is png

but after it is uploaded it converts to jpg


Thank god one person finally did my job
LOVE YOU LOTS @Farah_DeSantis

This is a serious problem here, this happens recently whenever I upload one
@Sydney_H Could you please check why this happens ?
Because this happened recently and it was perfectly fine in the beginning


I have the same issue :pleading_face::broken_heart:


I will look into this on Monday. It may not be something we can “fix” however. It is possible that this is a change to the software that runs the forum and intentional on the part of the developers of Discourse. If that is the case, and isn’t just a setting that got switched on, our hands will be tied.

Honestly, though, the forum isn’t the best place to use as an image repository for sharing. We have limited storage and eventually anything you upload will be purged to clear up space. A better option is to create a Google drive or something similar that the owner has direct control over.


I understand that from a technical point of view it might not be ideal - but the fact is that people use it for it pretty often - for example in directing help it is sometimes necessary to see the overlay to be able to help the people and it is easiest to keep it in the thread. So we would be really thankful if you would be able to switch it back. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


It still lets me upload transparent pngs as profile pictures (although I needed to retry 3 times) so I doubt that the developers removed the PNG uploading option. It must be some weird bug :eyes::eyes:
See? This one uploaded just fine after a few failed attempts…
Titelloses 34_20201125235535

It’s maybe not the best place, but it’s still an easy way to share and transfer art and pictures quickly. It’s much faster to DM myself an image over the forums than to download it to a USB drive just to transfer it to another device for example :eyes::eyes:


If I upload it into another page/forum first, it works too, so I doubt that the PNG option got removed :eyes::eyes:

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Uh… System made it a jpeg for some reason???

And now I can’t switch it back :pleading_face::broken_heart:

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Many people are asking for cutting overlay from backgrounds etc. for them. But when I want to upload the finished png image under the topic it’s not transparent, it has a white background… Is there a way to go around it? Or how can I do this?


The white background should disappear. They show you what it looks like against a selected background so you can check it first.

No, I mean here on the forums, not the portal. Sorry, I should’ve specified it. :sweat_smile:

That’s normal try sending a png image lemme see

I think it may be a glitch. Like with transparent PNGs, they used to always send in transparent format. Recently, however, they always send with a white background & if I ever want something sent to me in PNG format, I have to ask for it to be sent over email. It’s very annoying

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Try a website called befunky there you can upload the image and turn it into a png :purple_heart:

@Night_mare It is in png format already, that’s the issue here. The portal seems to convert it to jpg or something.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too :confused:

Hopefully, if it is a glitch, they’ll sort it soon. :woozy_face: The only solution I can think of in the meanwhile is to send/ask for people to send the image you want through email. Hope this helped a bit! :blush:

I reported this like week ago - something changed on the forum and it does this now. :woman_facepalming:

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we used to, I dont know what is happening since they cant be png anymore, its so weird.

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