Reporting forum bug

Thank you all :tulip:

That’s what I thought… I guess we’ll have to wait for them to fix it.

There is a website that changes it to a PNG for you :)) And there is a background remover which is free and automatically removes it for you. If they don’t fix the issue soon, you could use them to change it into a PNG

That’s what I had to do

It is already in png, I made the overlay :sweat_smile:

Yeah I know. I’m talking about the person receiving it. Since it turns it into a JPEG, you can tell them to use that or send it through emails

How Do I even Start A Thread, this is the first time, I come to a forum where the New Thread button is actually missing. You guys need to improve you UI/UX

this option is hidden for newbies to prevent they mess up the forum till they will read the forum rules as far as I know. It will apear in some time. For mote info look up the forum tules or contact the forum admins.

I have been experiencing this issue as well, and I am trying to find a way to stop the image from converting to jpeg. I am gonna attempt stuff and keep this post updated :kissing:

Dragged from screen to post:

Uploaded from forums:

It turns out fine, maybe it’s a device issue. Hvae you guys been experiencing the issue when using a specific device?

Oh wait it’s definelty not fine :grinning:

I’m experiencing the same issue where on the forums it converts a png image into a jpeg. To get around it, I started to compress those pngs (which is a bit annoying to have to go the extra effort) it worked for the smaller ones but not for something like a background with the window cut out. Seems like maybe now there’s like a limit to the point it will automatically turn it into a jpeg on here. :unamused: even the recent thread I made, most were pngs while some I added later on into the thread changed to jpegs so I had to compress them to make sure they were pngs. Even some of the gifs I added in later on, I noticed I was having issues uploading them. They had to be small opposed to the first gifs I put on there which is much larger but I couldn’t have the same size even if they were shorter videos. Seems something changed between the times I started that thread which was a couple months ago to recently posting it. Like some sort of limitation was placed. :pleading_face::weary:

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Hi Arlene. Ware you able to find out the reason for this png/jpg issue?

I created a tutorial for avoiding this glitch since it seems like it didn’t get fixed yet :eyes:

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Okay, so this may be a bug. The setting that is supposed to prevent this is set correctly. I will have to reach out to the forum software developers on this one. In the meantime, Duckling’s tutorial is very helpful.

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