Reporting Reader vs Author: problem

 I have another question. I think it's of the feedback section because it concerns guidelines. And since the guidelines are rules. Agreeing and disagreeing with them is feedback to the app. But if not just move it, I'm always open to correction. 

 I'm not directly in this matter yet because I haven't built up the nerve to publish my story yet. But as long as I keep posting, my confidence is constantly building up. So if people hear my voice, eventually they'll see my story. So small steps. But I'm not a part of what I'm about to say because not posting means no banishment.

 Unfortunately I hear it's not hard to get banned. Couldn't 1 report be enough? And I supposibly hear that which stories stay up and which stories get shut down have nothing to do with favortism. You know, stuff like views. But I'm not here to expose any corruption. I'm just making an observation. And it's inevitable that some stories will be banned. Not every wrong is up for discussion. There are stories that deserve to be banned. But only user stories. I'm not sure if this is still the case but I recall a time where there was no report button for episode stories. 

And in theory that’s too much power for the authorities to have. I see many threads about this unfairity. But personally I don’t read those stories so I’m not here for that either.

 As I said, I'm just making an observation and I always see topics about how wrong this gets. How unfair. But I don't judge, we can't change the past. Many people who opposed got silienced. I just want more stories that have the potential to be big hits. For the people. One person who perceives a story can be enough to end a new writers carear. If their 1st story gets banded it could ruin their self esteem and they may give up. So my question is how can we bring more equality to the people?

 I also here things about an age limit. It's a possibility to my question. It has to work at least somewhat. Sure they can fake their age but not all of them. With age comes knowledge. We best be smarter than the youth. So some won't be smart enough to lie. And others will be too lazy to fake it. So this helps a bit. But theoretically one under age kid may see the hard truth. They could stumble across a too mature theme and report it just because they weren't ready for it. So that's my problem: one person holds too much power.

 So rather than just changing the age limit, we need some process. One in favor of the writer more than the reader because whats the worst that really happens? If you don't like a story just go find another. All you lose is a ticket when the writer could lose months of time and effort. So I think we should look into each story more. Like a trail rather than 1 and done.

 And don't mistake me. I'm not saying inappropriate stories are ok. I'm just saying "inappropriate" isn't a yes or no thing. There's different views on it. So I'm saying if it's just breaking the rules aimlessly then report them. But if there's a purpose be less harsh. Not everything is black or white.

Topic remaining closed until Op makes needed changes.