Repositioning the camera to face the characters rear/back?

Hi, I’m not sure if its possible with the background I’m using but I was wondering how you change the camera to face your characters back. I’ve seen multiple people use this method in their story but I’ve never tried myself until now. I want my character to stand on the beach, facing towards the ocean with the camera farther back away from her facing her backside. I’ve watched several advanced directing videos but can’t find exactly what I need. If you can help I’d appreciate it! Thanks

U have to put:

@CHARACTER starts idle_rear

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It works, I’ve tried using that before but with a different background. Thanks :slight_smile:

U can always change the background with it

Yeah, someone I was talking to a couple of days ago was unsure but suggested me trying the rear animation. I had used it before but for a different reason so when I tried using it to talk it didn’t look how I wanted it. I thought there was a way to move the camera around but I’m not sure, someone said to use (camera front) or something to that extent but it didn’t work

Oh I think I know what your talking about

It dont think it exist

I don’t think it does either, I haven’t been able to find anything about it. Just wanted to make my scene a little intense and thought that would help. Thanks for your help

Your welcome

The camera facing “farther back” from her would essentially be it zoomed out, you play around with the zoom.

Ok, is the coding the same when you’re zooming out and you just add a negative sign in front?

No, love. You do not add a negative sign to the front. Watch this.

All you do is change the percentage of your zoom.

No prob. <3

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