Repost: I’d like to make friends on here!

Even though i’m not new on here, I’ll tell you about myself:
I’m 16 and I love episode. I’m very into stories with mystery and romance and i’m also into stories with twins. I’m a very shy and anxious person. I love making friends but I get really anxious and fear I’ll mess up and make a fool out of myself. I’ve been going through a lot personal but that doesn’t stop me from being myself. I’ve written 1 story called Love & Life in 2017 and completed in 2018. I’m currently writing my second story and have written and posted 3 episodes and I’m working on more. If you’re interested in being friends PM me on here or comment on here. I’m very nice and shy as usual so don’t mind my awkwardness. My instagram is @darcy.nudi_episode

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I’ll be your friend if you want to :slight_smile:

We are like the same person except I’m 17. Let’s be episode besties!!

Closed since we do not allow “friendship threads” on the forum. We recommend interacting with other community members on our many discussion threads instead.

Thanks :slight_smile: