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Hello! I’m writing a story, and one of the main characters is a lesbian Mexican and another is a pansexual Korean-Canadian. If you fall under one of those categories or you know someone who does, I’d like to get help from you/them. I’ve come a long way with writing my story (at least better than I’ve ever done), but I want to make sure I write my characters appropriately before publishing.

  1. What are some stereotypes, and are they in anyway true?
  2. Can you state some slang that are commonly used?
  3. What is the general view of Mexico/South Korea/Canada on the LGBTQA+ community? Do you have anyone around you that is openly gay/openly supports the community?
  4. Have you ever faced homophobia/racism? How did you deal with those problems?

I mean I’m probably not much of help as I’m not from South Korea or Mexico, but I wanted to say in Asia, LGBTQA+ isn’t widely accepted by everyone. Yes, there are people in these countries, who support this however, there are people, who don’t support it.

(I’m not saying anymore as I don’t want to be wrong in this situation.)

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Pansexual here. Let me know what you need to know.

I’m Mexican, stereotypes, are that we’re loud. And some are, some aren’t. That depends on your personality.
Different parts of Mexico have different slang
do you have a specific part they’re from?
My dad said in the schools they were really homophobic, maybe it’s changed. I think older Mexicans (not all) were definitely raised differently and with different views regarding that, and many are really religious and can be homophobic, I’m not saying that being religious= homophobic.
I have, someone told me to go back to Mexico…


I don’t really think Pansexuals really have any stereotypes…we’re kinda the “forgotten” sexuality. Even worse than the bisexuals

Hi, thanks for replying :grin: I don’t know much about pansexuality, so could you tell me what it is? And how did you and the people around you come to terms with you being pansexual?

Ok, so, Pansexual means you think there are more than two genders, and you can be romantically attracted to all of them. I just figured out that I like people’s personality more than what’s under their clothes.

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That being said, you can be bi and still fit that description. There’s functionally no difference between the two & it just comes down to a matter of preference.

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Thanks for replying :smile: My character is from Puebla. Is it correct that a person from Puebla is called Poblano? And how common is it to use English?

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Also, feel free to PM me if you have any more questions

Thanks, I will!

Yes that’s correct! And it depends, if the character was born in the U.S then they probably would speak English with peers but Spanish with their family, unless the parents were also born in the U.S, I only speak Spanish with my parents and a little with my Hispanic friends. I guess you can decide how often they speak English.

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Hi, I have a few more questions, and I’d love if you could answer them. :blush:

How common is it to have green eyes? Is there an area in Mexico where green eyes are more common than brown?

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Hi! And I have seen people from Mexico with green eyes :slightly_smiling_face: and no I don’t think there’s a certain area in Mexico where green eyes are more common than brown, it just has to do with your genetics. I’m happy to help if you have more questions!

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Thank you! :smile:

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