Representation Matters!

I need your help! I am writing a story to authentically represent diverse cultures and groups. I am doing this because I see often times in Episode stories that many groups are misrepresented. I have done my respected research, but I don’t think that’s enough. If you are an expert or belong to any of the communities I list, I’d love to hear your insights.

My story focuses on the Vietnamese community, the Mexican community, the Indian community, the LGBTQIA+ community, the Black community, and people belonging to Muslim groups. Mind you, you can speak on other misrepresentation from other communities in this post, these are just the main ones my story focuses on. I think a discussion like this could be insightful. I‘d love to hear your insight.

All collaborators here will be credited in my story and even have a designated post.

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I can’t speak for most communities (with the exception of the disabled community), but I will say a lot of stories fall into the problem of same face syndrome. Many characters look nearly identical, despite being from different racial/ethnic groups. I’d say to try researching facial features that are common in different groups, so that you can reflect what you find in the characters you create.

I’d also recommend researching different stereotypes, as some stories I’ve come across have perpetuated one or several. Stereotypes can be pretty harmful to the people they’re directed at, so do try and avoid perpetuating any.

As for disability misrepresentation, we often are treated as inspiring for living in a word not built for us. There’s actually a phrase for this- inspiration p*rn. (Censoring to avoid my comment being flagged.) We also get infantilized a lot, and our disabilities are treated as our entire personalities. It’s dehumanizing to many of us when we see disability portrayed in these ways. Sure, being disabled will affect our lives, as well as our perspectives in life, but that isn’t the only thing about us to know.

I hope my comment helps! : )


I completely agree with your observations on the issue of same face syndrome in storytelling. I’ve noticed the same problem, where characters from different racial or ethnic backgrounds often look nearly identical, making it hard to distinguish them based on appearance alone. I’ve struggled with establishing the right features myself, but your suggestion to research common facial features in different groups is a great idea.

Regarding the experiences of the disabled community, I must admit that I was not fully aware of many of the issues they face until recently. Your insights have been eye-opening. I’ve noticed now how character growth for disabled individuals in stories often centers almost exclusively on their disability rather than their personality, skills, or other attributes. This approach can indeed be dehumanizing, as it reduces complex characters to a single aspect of their identity.

Thank you for sharing this information. :two_hearts:


Happy to help! I’m glad I was able to shed light on some issues with representation, and it’s refreshing to be met with positive reception! : D

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Of course, I think it’s important to have these discussions. Thank you again! :two_hearts:

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