Representing Different Cultures :)

Hi everyone!!
So I’m trying to write a story where there are many involved countries.
I’m mexican and I’m trying to include in my story a family from Japan and a family from the United Kingdom.
I’m also open to including other cultures.
Anyone from there has any suggestions, ideas, something they’d like me to include or in general

**What do you think people should include or exclude from their stories regarding different cultures? ** :kissing_heart: thank you so much!

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I’m from the U.K. if that helps you? I can’t think of anything really specific that you’d need to include unless there is anything in particular you need help with :wink:

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Thank you so much for replying!
Well I’m having a bit of trouble with slang and stuff like that. Any words you guys use commonly?
In here they usually teach us american english haha.
Thank you so much!

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It depends where in England you are setting the family. There’s a lot of difference in slang between cities :sweat_smile: Where does the family live?

Probably Liverpool or London but I haven’t decided yet.

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Oh! I’m Japanese and from the UK so if you have any questions, feel free to message me or just ask me here :grin::heart:

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