Representing New Yorkers


In my story I have my mc who was raised in England and basically moves to New Your City and I don’t want to miss represent New York/Americans (I’m not American). If you know a bit about New York or live in New York, I would be very grateful if you could share your experience in/info on the city.

I’m not asking for a big chunk of writing. Maybe some 1 or 2 fun fact from one person?

Here are some things I would like specifically but anything would be good.

  • culture
  • any phrases that only New Yorkers know that would have to be explained to an outsider
  • accent
  • any experiences about having a job at aged 20 - 30
  • daily life routine
  • school (especially the ages of which school)
  • Or even better about moving to a new country?
  • diversity



I think @anon71033048 might be from New York?


@Jae27 can help


sure! I think I can help w this.

Mad - very ‘This show is mad good’

What’s good?- how are you?

Bet- sure/okay


Entire pizza- pie

Not for nothin’- for a very good reason, you essentially say this when u are annoyed about someone’s actions and u think u could’ve done better.

Tight is often used also, but it can mean an entire range of things based off context. There are definitely more, these are just a few :white_heart:

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Thank you so much!!

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I know from past friends that New Yorkers tend to walk a lot and there’s a running joke that these guys consider it’s okay to walk 40 minutes or more.

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  • new york has 5 main regions (boroughs): manhattan, brooklyn, staten island, the bronx, and queens
  • new york has a very diverse community
  • in general, new york has a high crime rate, but especially in brooklyn, the bronx, and queens
  • it’s a common saying that the pizza in new york is the best but that’s controversial haha
    ( i’d also like to mention that i’m not from new york, but i am close with someone who lives there, i’d recommend doing your own personal research :slight_smile: )
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Thank you!! I really appreciate it!! :grin:

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