Request a cover for your story! INK

I am now accepting cover requests, here are the rules:


Be patient . Depending on your request, it may take a little longer to get done!

  • If you do not like the cover I make, please let me know, I will fix whatever is not your liking only ONCE!

  • I have the right to reject any requests. I will not tolerate rudeness!

  • If you are part of a group requesting here to use as your own, you shouldn’t be here.

  • If you want a custom pose make sure your PMs are open because I will be asking you for poses and such, if you do not answer within 2 days I will deny your request.

  • Give me credit! In your story and on instagram (if you have an instagram)!

  • Don’t rush me or be rude to me or I’ll stop your request half way.

Use the password: Rose in your request or else I will also deny your request
Don’t advertise on my thread.


Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:


Style 4:



Style 5:

If you want a different style! Make sure to let me know, I might be able to do it!
Tell me below if you want to be put on the waiting list!




Completed Requests:


would you be able to help me by creating a cover my story i really liked your last example


Of course! Send me your details! Btw, do you want it in this style?

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yes thank you so much
skin: olive
face: round
eyes: upturned bold color is blue
nose: perky
lips: classic color is orange crush
hair: diva curls color is fawn
brow: seductive round

currently trying to create male lead

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Hiii!! I would love to request a cover from you. How long does it take you to make covers by any chance?

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It might take a while because I have school and I have a ton of requests but it depends on your cover, if its easier to make, I’ll make it first :blush:

So should I wait for you to finish making a male lead or should I make the cover now?

you can make it now i want the girl with the gun
the tittle is life unexpected

okay! :blush:

thank you so much

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I understand :slight_smile: Yeah… school is stressful.

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Thanks for understanding!

Are you going to request?

Wait, how do I make a request?

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Just tell me the details, style, title, author, and any extra info

Ohh okay!

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Wait what is the pose and style?


Cover Request for @Unique_911 Hope you like it!

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