Request a Video Edit! ***CLOSED***

Hi there!

I, @black_jack, am one of the owners of the group Crazy Monkeys, and we have just opened our Video Requests!!

:point_down: Please check us out! :point_down:

(We are re-establishing our group, thank you for your p\tience!)

We’d love it if you request!

We are also always going to be doing video edits as long as it says we are open! Do not be shy and send us a form. Also, do send me a reminder below so I check the forms! Thank you for choosing us and we bid you a good day!


Video as in like promoting the story ?

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Yeah, it can be thought like that yes.

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It sounds really cool, do I just send scenes and you edit it

I suppose that could work, but I think that could vary depending on who’s making the edit. (we have two video editors currently, I also can do it if they’re busy)

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oh wait i think i might had sent 2 requests by mistake

Do you have any examples?

I can double check if you’d like

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One of our members has posted on our instagram account if you’d like to check it out. She is the second owner. We do have a second video editor, but she hasn’t posted on the group account. She does post on her personal though. They are both good at what they do

Our insta is


Hey Januva, so yes, you did submit two requests. But I can put in the info of both.

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Got any examples?

I requested

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Great! That makes me so happy :grinning:

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I am very confused. And if you are telling me that that person is better, then why?

It’s not like the video editors in my group are bad. They’re actually very good.

I understand that you don’t mean any harm, and I hope this doesn’t cause a commotion, but please don’t say something like that. People are growing and becoming better and better every day. Including that person you mentioned.

I am sure they are very good at what they do.

Anyhow, thank you for taking the time to come to this page :blush:

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Don’t worry, it didn’t. But thank you for clearing the possible misunderstanding. :relaxed:

I also hope you have a really good day, and I think I’ll check that person out. Maybe I can ask if she wants to join us :wink:

Of course! I hope we cross paths once again :smile:

Can you make me a video edit?

Yes we can! Just fill out the form above!