Request Anything Here (I don't draw)

So basically I’m bored rn…So request anything except artscenes or anything drawn.

If this flop I was never here :eyes:


Hey! Check my post “I’m making a video”. I have a request there. And if u don’t understand what’s it about then ask me.


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Do you have examples?

Yes in my art shops…I might close this thread.

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@Sydney_H please close this thread.

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did u see it?


did u understood it? if not, it’s fine.

Yes I did understand.

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will u do it?

You want outfits…right?

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yes, of course

Actually I make outfits and I’m quite good at it bt I don’t have time so…

Okay I’ll see what I can do…Do you have any specific movies?

uh no actually, but characters from the shows “Stranger Things”, “Elite” would be nice. And female.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: