Request art for free! <CLOSED>

Hi guys! I’m really into drawing, but I mostly draw traditionally. I recently got a drawing tablet, and I am thinking about opening an art shop. I’d like to have some examples of my work.
I would really appriaciate if you could request something!


  • You do not have to use the art, if you don’t like it, or have something else, totally fine.
  • If you do use the art, please give me credit.
  • I’ll take 3-5 requests, and they will be done in August. Please be patient.
  • It has to be something episode related (like an art scene, small cover, large cover, etc.).

No more requests are available at the moment.


I need a pfp (May be till hip)…Can u make it??..So that I can even use it as outer
Character details



Sure! What would you like it to look like?

Hey, I’d be interested for your art, can I dm you?

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Of course! ^^

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I need a samall cover…

This is my MC character

Outfit –

Pose–Processing: pose…

Eyes-Round bold(red)
Eyebrow-Thick flat

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Pose in case…

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Can u show some examples pls!!

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I do not have examples ): but requests are free and if you don’t like the art, it’s perfectly fine to not use it.

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Good luck (:

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will you continue this in september?

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I don’t know yet, but it’s possible! I think I will open another thread with the finished examples.

ok thank you

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