Request Backgrounds Here (Closed)

Ok so recently I have been making backgrounds for fun and I decided that I want to get more practice in. I can’t guarantee amazing backgrounds but if anyone is in dire need, I would love the practice.
I mainly do fantasy/medieval backgrounds since that is what genre I write in, but I am open to trying more!

Background Examples

For the ship deck, use this overlay and fit it to where you think it looks best:

I can also do overlays!

Overlay Examples


All you have to do is:
1.) Send in your request here by telling me what you want, if you want Day/Night or both, give me specifics (for example, if it is a character bedroom, what is their personality? How do you want the room to match it? How many zones do you want it to be?), as many details as possible helps me to get it out faster and more accurate to your own vision of it.
2.) You MUST give CREDIT in your chapters to my Instagram @episode.lg . Credit must be given in every chapter that my background is present, whether it is during the scene or at the end of the chapter.
3.) Have patience! I will try my best to get your backgrounds to you fast. I have a busy life with work, writing for Episode and working on backgrounds/art pieces.

Disclaimer: I am not guaranteeing that Episode will approve every background. So far, I have made six backgrounds that have all been approved, but Episode can surprise you sometimes by finding things wrong with your backgrounds. If this happens, I will attempt to fix the problem by making you a new one.
Any questions, please ask!

Closed due to personal reasons


ooooo can I see what you do girl and ill put on in I need a bed and house intoir
oops I should of read it haha I will give ya as much info as I can

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Yup! So far I have been working with medieval, so here are some of those examples:



oh wow ok I am totally putting in a request girl legit amazing haha ok so perhaps you could I mean this might be new to you but I mean I love rustic vide and modern to so I was wondering if you could perhaps make me a house like a city house I waitting for my city bg to come but I need a brick exterior of apartment and I need a house interior as well but here is the thing I don’t care what it looks like honestly all I ask is for something rustic and modern at the same time I need hall ways to like the bed and kitchen, bathroom and overlays of stuff you know haha but the theme I like is this

theme = soft, floral, hippie,

the house theme, rustic, modern,

stuff I need for the bg, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom ,

honestly do whatever ya want honestly I ain’t picky and I trust ya I mean you can for sure make one hell of backgrounds haha please tell me and oops I want it to be small to since it’ll just be my mc there and stuff but make overlays of important stuff honestly haha

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Okay, so you want two exteriors right? And do you mean an apartment exterior?
And thank you so much!

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omg hihihihihihihi ur exactly the person i need to help me aaa

i am in need of a background that is a town square ! day and night version pls. shops / buildings / houses up and down either side, and in the middle town hall type building that looks like a cornucopia ! i will literally love you forever if you do this for me ur backgrounds are so cool i

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Thank you!
If you have any reference pictures like the cornucopia building you are talking about, that would be helpful. Also, what is the vibe? Is it a cute town square with fountains and flowers etc. or is it winter and cold and bare?

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nope just an apartment exterior and than inside the basic house stuff you know haha

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These are NOT the backgrounds, these are just some reference pictures to help me create it. Correct me if I am wrong, but are these about the vibe you are going for?

Modern Rustic Vibe

Rustic Modern Kitchen

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yes ma’am just like that haha

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i can’t really find any photos of what i’m envisioning , but the best way to describe it is as a white/yellow building, differently coloured to all the rest, with golden swirls up the walls and a cornucopia symbol attached to the wall above the door (if that makes sense ??,) as for the vibe , kind of suburban, chill kinda cute vibes yeha (i’m really sorry if that didnt make sense lmao)

Ok sounds good. I will work on some now but I would say it will take about 3 - 5 days for me to get all of them out. But I could be wrong and they could be earlier. I will update you on progress :slight_smile:

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No that’s fine! I will find some pictures of what I think you mean and send them to you for reference!

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its fine take your time my story isn’t even a story yet honestly but thank you and have a good day<3

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You’re welcome, and you as well.

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Hey, so I worked on some apartment exterior. Let me know if this looks right:

Day/Night Apartment Exterior

Tree overlay:


wow yeah I love it so much haha

Ok, If you want me to change anything about it, don’t be afraid to tell me :smile:

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ok but no there Is nothing at all its amazing thank you I can’t wait to see everything else haha

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I am working on the bedroom now, I used a city view for outside the windows. I don’t know if it will match the one you have.
I used this one

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