Request: character account (open)

(That cover is still not approved.)

I am writing a story called “Lots of emotion”.
My question was if someone wants a character account from my story “Lots of Emotion”?. If you want you have to read my story and choose who you want to be. Don’t worry if you can’t take ss cuz I will send you then!

All you have to do is
-Read my Story
-Choose a character (Character you like the most!)
-Ask me to approve that. (per Instagram: @epy.anesa)

I will answer you the rest if you want a character account.
That’s all I ask for!


Chapter 5 isn’t published yet but I am done with it.I just have to wait till one background is being approved from episode but I can send you the link to that!

How active would you want us to be?

Eh depends when I publish my chapters but I would say that you shouldn’t be that inactive

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Ok, I’ll read the story now :blush:

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Thanks :slight_smile: