Request Drawn or Slightly Edited Characters! (Ink Only)


Here are some of my examples:


Slightly Edited


Hey ! Im not requesting, just wanna say that the examples look AMAZING ! keep up the good work :sparkles:


Iā€™d like to request for one


Thank you so much :blush:



Just give me this:

*Your character details (typed out)
*The background you want
*A drawn or slightly edited character?
*What pose do you want?
*What outfit should your character have?


Skin: toffee
Brows: thick flat
Nose: elven
Mouth: classic blush
Eyes: upturned bold blue
Hair: double bun upon black

Any bright background


Peace sign pose
Any outfit


I actually have two characters. I hope you dont mind but could you put them together. Also Can You put my named on her dress somewhere? thank you so so so much
The girl: Can she also have tattoos? if so maybe like roses.
Skin: Taupe.
Brows: Suductive arch.
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: Classic ( Dark Red)
Eyes: Uptujrned bold (blue)


The boy: Could he have tattoos? i dont care which ones but do like a manly one or something like that.
Skin: Taupe
Brows: Thin arch
Nose: Button
Mouth: Classic (taupe)
Eyes: Classic Round (blue)
Hair: Spiked Up Hair (black)
Face Shape: Defined Triangle


( But Just crop it to where you can see the stairs only)

Drawn please.

i would like this pose but with more than half of their body:

Boy: Image result for shirtless boy with ripped jeans on

Girl: Image result for episode interactive art pose


Your drawings look smooth.


Are you still taking requests?