Request for someone who could teach me and help me to write my story



Hello everyone!!! I’m Kendra and I’m desperate for someone’s help. Because new to all these episode stuff…
I know that it’s weird that I want to write a story on episode but I don’t even know anything about it, and that’s why I really need someone’s help.
P.S. The story is about a high school drama


I’m in lol of u will let me be


Hello!! I would be thankful for your help!! Is there any other way that I could text you? Like twitter, Instagram or even Snapchat? But Snapchat is the best way for me tho, cause it’s way easier for me


I too have just written my first story, as a test, I would recommend making a few short stories so you can learn how the functions of the creation process work, jot down a few ideas and at the end, put them all together for a really good, well thought out story, good luck!


Snapchat is defanetly the best way to contact me lol


Thanks :wink:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: