Request forum for struggling coders!

If you want anything explaining - e.g: how to move overlays, fading characters, spot directing, the basics of coding - explained, I’d be very happy to help! :blush:

My dad has been coding for as long as I can remember and I have picked it up from him, so whilst I struggle with writers block, I’d love to help people who can’t quite pin it down yet!

Just comment anything you need explaining, but I already have one out!

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Hi there, I love to code, (great at python, working on HTML, but not hard to figure out :slight_smile:) but I’m not so great at doing the stuff with episode.
Could you help me?

Sure thing!
Do you want me to PM you the basics or release a thread? :smile:

I guess releasing a thread would be better because then more people can benefit from it if they had the same questions.

Anything in specific you need help with?

Oh this is a great idea! I am personally okay and don’t need help with anything, but I really like that you did this.

I also really love helping, it just leaves a nice feeling. Anyhow, good luck with this :+1:

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Thanks so much or the support! :blush:
I wish you the best in writing! xx

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Sure thing!
I’ll get right on it although currently it’s 23:24 in the UK so it might have to wait until tomorrow? :flushed::rofl:


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