Request gOOD stories to read!

Comment any good stories Bc I finished legit all of the stories I like and I need new stories to read.


I recommend Friends With Benefits, it’s 72 episodes long, but I absolutely adored it. There is also a second story with the same name following on, but I’m yet to read that!


Thank you I never heard of that before :joy::joy::joy:

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Have you read Read my lips?

If you haven’t than I highly recommend it


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I personally ADORE sundosia and beyond the stage


Hello, I would like to recommend one of my stories or perhaps all of them:

  1. Adventurous Ms Evans - about a daredevil girl, who has a crush on College Principal
  2. She Dares - Historical drama - based on real history facts with a breathtaking love plot
  3. Business Games - super mature game about relationship at work and what it is like a life in a business community that awaits us all sooner or later

Your opinion is important!

  • Rebounding with bad by Talia Rose
  • Maid for you by Alex Light
  • The Shaw Brothers by Violet Madison
  • Complicated by Sai Keyhart
  • Teenage Warfare by Author Vivian M
  • The New Girl by Saige Mercer
  • Fine Line by Evil Ebonni
  • Thorns by Episode Royalty
  • H & V: Fake Friend by FieryTenderness
  • Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni
  • Back and Forth [COMPLETE] by earlgreytea
  • RIVALS by Alex Light
  • 365 Days (To Find Love) by Eleanor G.
  • The Princess’ Secrets by HANSEL
  • Not Interested by Madison
  • The “Bad Boy” Game by JC!
  • Bad Luck by Jay Hendrix
  • When love lies by FL
  • Holiday Collection by Author Vivian M
  • The Feeling [COMPLETE] by Chloe X
  • Deep Attraction {Completed] by LadyDianna
  • MY SKATER LOVER by Effy Ameer
  • The Renegades by Sonja Kingston
  • Falling for My Bully (12 OUT NOW) by Danya G.
  • Us At Midnight (9&10 OUT!) by CERI.
  • INTOXICATED 5 IS OUT by Sahara C.
  • Playing for Keeps by LadyDianna
  • Portray Me Perfect by Ella. D
  • A Fetish For Perfection (EP.22 is OUT!) by Courtney Bre
  • Somewhere Along The Way by Coni B.
  • He Can’t Tame Me


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Is it bad that I already read 3/4 of those???


Me too :slight_smile: Good stories worth reading

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Nah :slight_smile: I always need to read more stories from Instagram edits

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Hey I would like to recommend two of my stories,which I think that they are different from the rest ,I’d be glad if you could give them a try.I hope your time won’t be wasted.

Mr Bond’s Murder (thriller)

Curse of the twins (Horror)

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H&V: Bad to the Bone by @LeeFunkEpisode

Galileo School of Magic by @LeeFunkEpisode

Haunted: Shroud (forgot the author)

Haunted: Her Protectir (forgot the author)

Dripping Mascara by Genevieve M

Wasted Roses by Genevieve M

Trials of Suburbia by TORIAH

Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni

Dream Job: Silent Voice

literally any story by Kay Elle or RA Ross

And a bit of self promo- Spotlight: Upstaged by Mehek :wink:


I really liked the Troublemaker series and Haute as Hell. Crush on Mr. Bad Boy was super fun but it isn’t finished.

I actually am currently writing a story, it has 7 published Episodes. If you are interested, you can check mine out! I would love praise and criticism lol.

Title: Forbidden Romance



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Fallen Between Time!!

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I love made for you by Alex light!


Same here :slight_smile:

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•MY SKATER LOVER by Effy Ameer
•Chain Reaction by Miss MJ
•Rescued [Complete] by Lindsey
•APARTMENT 143 by Natasha Hills
•The Girl Upstairs by Talu
•I Broke My Rules for You (Complete) +Epilogue by Talu
•Babysitting the Bad Boy by Elizabeth Carter
•The New Girl by Saige Mercer
•Until There Was You by Ashley Necole
•Girl In Manhattan by Effy Ameer