Request gOOD stories to read!

H&V: Bad to the Bone by @LeeFunkEpisode

Galileo School of Magic by @LeeFunkEpisode

Haunted: Shroud (forgot the author)

Haunted: Her Protectir (forgot the author)

Dripping Mascara by Genevieve M

Wasted Roses by Genevieve M

Trials of Suburbia by TORIAH

Adrenaline by Evil Ebonni

Dream Job: Silent Voice

literally any story by Kay Elle or RA Ross

And a bit of self promo- Spotlight: Upstaged by Mehek :wink:


I really liked the Troublemaker series and Haute as Hell. Crush on Mr. Bad Boy was super fun but it isn’t finished.

I actually am currently writing a story, it has 7 published Episodes. If you are interested, you can check mine out! I would love praise and criticism lol.

Title: Forbidden Romance



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Fallen Between Time!!

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I love made for you by Alex light!

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Same here :slight_smile:

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•MY SKATER LOVER by Effy Ameer
•Chain Reaction by Miss MJ
•Rescued [Complete] by Lindsey
•APARTMENT 143 by Natasha Hills
•The Girl Upstairs by Talu
•I Broke My Rules for You (Complete) +Epilogue by Talu
•Babysitting the Bad Boy by Elizabeth Carter
•The New Girl by Saige Mercer
•Until There Was You by Ashley Necole
•Girl In Manhattan by Effy Ameer

I agree with most of the stories above but my favourite is On tour.

I recommend
Falling for a student by S.K
Loving Latino by Hope Moon
Exosculation by S. Winter
Playing for keeps by Ladydianna
It’s just an illusion: Regrets by MissMj
Complicated by Sai Keyhart
End Game by Elizabeth Carter
Glitch girl by Joseph Evans
Pregnant by my student by Noob loop

omg have u done forbidden chemistry and rebounding with bad (which is not fully released yet :slight_smile:) !? cuz if u like romance its THE BEST!


The watchers
reaper twins
mafia daughter
theres more i sugest but cant think of them now


Iridescent by @Indigosstories
The Spicy Payback by me:)
The Night We Met by @BarS
Your Secret Admirer by @episodecray
MAID FOR YOU, FALL FOR ME by @alexlight
The Trophy Wife by As Told By Brandi
Somewhere along the way, The treasure of San Javier by @Coni_B
Oblivion, Invariably by Kylie Kennedy
A Beautiful Chaos by PL
CETRINDA or Love, Julien by Sarah Kieser
Rebounding with Bad by Natalia
Summer Fling: Under the Stars by @TheTeacher
Crossed Paths by @Days


Aww thank you!

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I noticed lots of people clicked on a lot of the links posted so I will try my luck with my story Crossed Paths as recommended by lovely Day who has a fantastic story!

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Aaaaw tysm and much love to you❣️

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Love youu


I recommend
Billionaire Baby Daddy- Charmian C.
Fade into me -Kaylee
Complicated- Sai Keyhart
The New Girl- Saige Mercer
The Shaw Brothers- Violet Madison
Somewhere Along the Way-Coni B.
The Bunny Boiler- Jasmin Dee
I despise you- Isabella Costa
Infamous- Kayla S.
Rebounding with Bad- Talia Rose
Not Interested- Madison
Body Tangle- Jalen
Deep Desire- Jalen
Faking Death - Langdon
Songbird- Allison M

Hope you enjoy these!

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My bad boys. Ok I know you’re probably getting second thoughts because of the title but i swear it isnt like that. its about a girl whos been bullied all her life all her life and then she meets 3 guys that soon become her best friends. Its partly a comedy but there’s also some serious parts at times. it’s waay too underrated.

isn’t that a wattpad story? i think it was called “good girls’ bad boys”

Hmm. I’m not sure but I know for a fact that it’s an episode story.