Request Open for Story reviews, Edits, Arts, and more [Closed for now] 🥰 😇

We are @epi.diligent group :innocent::heart:
Request us : Story reviews, Edit, Arts and many more.


  1. You must be following us on Instagram @epi.diligent otherwise your request will be automatically deleted.
  2. If you unfollow us after the request is made, we have the rights to delete your request off our feed.
  3. Once you fill the form, please patiently wait for your request. We will inform you after the request is completed. :innocent:

Click here to request :point_down:


Thanks for this thread. I followed you on Instagram and filled out a form :blush:

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Welcome and :hugs::heart: thank you for the filling up the request

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Thanks! :grin::heartpulse:

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Closed for now but we will open again soon :innocent::heart:

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