REQUEST: Sword Overlay and Directing tips for fight scenes


Hello guys :raising_hand_woman:,

back again with a new request. One of the MCs in my book uses a magical sword to fight the “baddies”:supervillain:. I am in dire need of an overlay that with some directing tips, i can use to enhance my fight scenes. This is an extremely important piece for the development of this character.

i would like the sword to be a greatsword much like a black claymore or zweihander that has a broad, flat thick blade with jagged edges and is slightly curved with fire all around it.

in addition to the overlay, i need all the advice i can get on directing the fight scenes and usage of the overlay to appear as though it is moving in those scenes while being held by the MC. Suggestions are welcomed and i look forward to seeing anyones work! ANY help is very much appreciated.:grin:

once this request is completed, i will be sure to tag the creator and anyone else who helps within my story wherever the overlay is used.

cheers :clinking_glasses: