Request Tappable LL Custom CC templates + Use Them (CLOSED) 🖤 🥀

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First of all, thank you so much to @FlowerGriefer and @fraud for helping me create an amazing wicked template, they provided me with all the art material and I’m super proud of it :blob_hearts: If you’re interested in trying it out, can check out my linktree :blob_sun: :blue_heart: :yellow_heart: I would also love feedback on my template hence why I put it in this category, hope it’s the right one haha :yellow_heart: Anyways, during making this template I did a lot of CC :joy: :lol:

CC - character customization crying while coding :crazy_face:

The tappable Female LL Full CC template is in episode 1. In episode 2, I have my epyxmagic lip colors, hairstyles and hair colors template :metal2: :blob_sun:

You can test out the templates through my linktree (Jem’s CC tappable templates). Overtime, I realize I truly do enjoy this, it’s fun and seeing others delighted by it gives me so much happiness.

On this thread, you can request themes, if I’m being inspired to code it, I’ll take on the task (my artists are FlowerGriefer and Fraud). I’ll probably open up a google drive with lipstick/lip color/hairstyles tappable templates for limelight style. As time goes on I may add male limelight ones as well as some for both INK genders. This will be available for all to use, all I ask is you leave the credit in haha.


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Again, many thanks to @FlowerGriefer and @fraud for helping, ilysm :heart_eyes:


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Weeee!!! :smile: :yay: :partying_face:

Hopefully people will like it… :smiling_imp: thank you so much @JemU776, the ultimate cider/hacker, for dragging me into this and @FlowerGriefer for all your awesome art :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Love you both very much! And this template is very cool in my opinion :sunglasses:


template takes a few minutes to go through but hours to code, unfair :laughing: OK, I’ll admit I had a little fun coding it :see_no_evil: :flushed: Love you guys so much :avocado_love: :blob_hearts:

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Not if you want to try every single thing… :smiling_imp: It’s really hard to stick to the under 1 minute rule for videos Jem! :sob:

I’mma stop going off topic now!

Enjoy everyone :smile: :tada: (Or make me redraw everything, who knows :sweat_smile:)

:sob: :joy: Appreciate you a lot for this! :blob_hearts:

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UPDATE: I added the link in my linktree to try it out.

More info here:

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My linktree:

Link can be found there :blob_hearts:


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Feel free to check out:

:blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:


I realize I may not have put a lot of detail in this, when tagging me, mention the theme you’d like and your character’s name. If chosen, for LL female, I’ll make you a tappable lip color, hair styles and hair colors template :rose: If you don’t have Instagram, feel free to comment below if you’d like one (can test the current theme through the linktree in my bio to see if you like the art material) :+1:


OK, so I’ve officially made my IG on private and am keeping it that way for a pretty long time, there’s nothing interesting on it anyway lol, my posts on epyxmagic and my other account are more awesome :+1: I’ll have to put making custom LL templates on hold as I’ve picked up another project. I’m not sure if I can even write on episode anymore, going on the writer’s portal knowing that I’ll publish the story some day just makes me angry as I’m not happy with Episode at the moment and would rather not put my works on this platform, but my plans do change a lot, so I’ll see what happens :woozy_face: In the meantime, I’m picking up other projects and will continue helping the community, just because I’m upset with Episode at the moment and have had too much negative experiences, doesn’t mean I will leave the community members, I will continue to help them with my heart and soul :+1:

But once I’m done with my CC projects (because it’s really fun to make these) I’ll open up opportunities for custom templates :yay:


I’m sad to hear that you’ve had some negative experiences with episode but I’m super happy that you’ll stay in the community! :pleading_face: Love you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :yay:

All your templates and projects are awesome :sunglasses: (but not as awesome as you :wink:)


Well, it’s like people say, things happen for a reason, I’m gonna pour my sweat and blood into helping others no matter what happens :yay: And one day, I’m going to publish novels and comics and do so much more :smiling_imp: OK, I’ll stop here so I don’t end up off topic :flushed: Anyways, after my current tappable projects are done, I’ll open up slots for custom tappable LL templates, if anyone would like one, feel free to let me know below, helping and giving is my passion :blob_sun:


I was a bit upset but I’m feeling better, I do love Episode but sometimes I get moody :joy: :lol: Anyways, I couldn’t keep my account on private :crazy_face: I’m no longer doing a giveaway, I’m doing this:

I will be setting up a Google Drive with different themes. Free to use. Anyways, feel free to suggest template themes below, I can work on them XD

I can even make you a custom one haha, just let me know what you like, your wish is my command :wink: :chef:


It doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in me opening up a Google Drive with themes as no one commented below yet but haha that’s OK, I guess I’ll leave it then and cancel it :laughing: If you’d like to use some of these templates, can check us out at epyxmagic :+1: You can test them out through the link in my linktree :blob_hearts:

Anyway, this thread is now closed (which is a good thing as it is a mess), do not comment below please :rose:

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ik i said that would be my last post but here are 3 projects i’m working on atm - full ink female, male LL (only lip colors left) and ink lip colors template :disco: :revolving_hearts:

Art material by FlowerGriefer aka Brandi, thank you to her and Agnes for help <3 Working on this is so much fun :two_hearts: After this, I’ll be working on a full male ink tappable CC template. Also thank you to God for the help, ilysm :nerd_face: :blob_hearts:

OK, now this is my last post here, do not respond below, all future updates will be on my IG :rose: :heart:

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