Requesting a background

I’m writing a story which involves having a boxing gym but I couldn’t find one I also tried making one, that was horrible (I don’t wanna talk about it)
so can anyone make one for me?
PM me

Check out alexa.episode on Instagram.

I might be able to help

thank you so much

I don’t have an instagram account but I’ll search her up

You can find the background your looking for on google images and resize it bya resize image website. (Search it up.)

Hope this helped. :))

I did do that before but it got declined

What do you mean? Did you resize it to at least 640x1136 pixels?

yeah, I resized it but it got declined

Can you send your background, please?

ok sure:

As suspected, it wasn’t at least 1136 pixels tall.

I resized it for you, if you don’t mind. Just tested it out and it works. :)) (Save the image I posted up on top if you want to use it.)

this is just a screen shot of it this is the decline message:

Ah, I see. Maybe choose another image?

thank you

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