Requesting a writer partner

You can really

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I can!

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hi i am currently forming a team if u would like to be par here u go. team form

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I’m pretty interested

Fill the form

Hey! I really need a writing partner Im stuck on a story and I really need help! I need someone who is trustworthy and who is online most of the time!!! Please help me please.

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I can help you! I’m online almost all day :joy:

lol I see that

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im re-doing my story but im stuck

How could you do the co writer thing tho …

yall could share threw a google doc or trust each other wit the pw for your portal

She left tho…


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oh i’m back sorry :joy:


you arent replying to her so she probably didnt see it :joy: :woman_shrugging:t4:

Sorry i didn’t get a notifaction that you replied

Do you have an instagram?

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