Requesting artist & proof-readers for mafia-style story

Hi, all!
I’ve recently started writing on Episode again and am directing an upcoming series in a mafia-style genre.
One of my favourite things about Episode is the art scenes, and I am desperate for an artist who will draw some epic scenes for me!
My mental health for the last 2 years has sucked, and I’ve really struggled with commitment on anything since about 2016, so this is quite important to me. I love to hear recommendations, criticism, feedback etc. If anybody would even like to teach me to draw that would be heavily appreciated! :sweat_smile:
If anybody is interested I’ll send you the link to pre-view the first two episodes (nearly 3!) for the story. That being said, if anybody is interested in proof-reading and giving me feedback that would also be heavily appreciated!
Everybody who participates will get credit on my story and (if I create an Instagram) on Instagram!
Thanks & love to all,
PS: Story summary & description & other important points below!

Follow Rose Carmen, a 25 year old Latino who’s bored with her 7 year long relationship and ordinary life. That’s all about change, however, after she’s mistaken for the wife of a violent and extremely deadly crime boss, Don Hiram Valentino. Shortly after, Rose gets targeted by the most dangerous family in Italy, the Moretti’s - they’ve followed her to San Jose and now it’s just a matter of time until they strike. Will she be able to convince them of her innocence or will the hot and dangerous Capo be her undoing?

When mistaken for the wife of a ruthless mafia boss, Rose ends up kidnapped as bait and thrust into the world of guns, sex, scandals and a rival Capo who’s set his eyes on her.

The story art is in Limelight. The characters have varying degrees of races and body shapes however the main characters both have the basic OG body shapes due to the need to be able to access all animations! The ethnicities of the main characters are Hispanic and Italian.

As I previously stated, I love my story characters to be diverse and I try to educate myself on diverse ethnicities as much as possible. However, that being said, if or when I make cultural mistakes in my story I ask that you please leave me feedback and how to not appropriate these cultures. I take full responsibility for any and all mistakes in my story and profoundly apologise if I offend anybody with any statements in my story. I place warnings when needed (such as flashing light warnings etc.) and, although my story contains strong language, do not use hate language (such as racist, homophobic, transphobic etc.) in my stories. I try my best to make some characters dislikable but will always try to do this is ways that do not make the readers feel offended or upset. If there is any language in my story which is offensive or inappropriate, I ask you message me on the forums or on my episode email. If I do not respond or if you think the language is extreme, I encourage you to report my story. I would never, ever want anything that is cruel or offensive to be on the Episode app and would never want people to be upset with something I have done. Thank you for reading all of this!

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I can help you proof-read your story.

Do you mean art scenes?

Yes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! I’ll send you the link to preview Episode 1 now - no rush, read whenever’s comfortable for you. I’m just touching up episode two, though, so it will be locked for a little while! :innocent:

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You can request it here Melly’s Art Shop :blob_hearts: [OPEN] :blob_hearts: Covers, splashes,CC, PFPS, ART SCENES!

And i’ll be happy to do it for you! If you’d like anything else its all for free!!

Thank you! <3

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Hey there :slight_smile: I don’t know if you’re still looking for an artist but I can do commissioned art scenes for you :slight_smile: I can also teach you how to draw - I’m a self-taught artist so I’m probably not the one with the expert tips but I do know a couple of things :slight_smile:

I can help you with proof-reading if you want :blush:

Yes please - thank you! I’ll PM you <3

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Hey! Thank you so much for the offer. I’ll PM you right away <3

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is this story out yet