Requests are open now!

Hey! So it has been a long time since I accepted any art requests. I was and still am a learning artist and now I am back after my break (hopefully better than before after so much of practice) and now I am taking requests for all kinds of art works except art scenes. Here are a few examples of what I got.

New Examples

If you want more of my examples , you can check my older thread though the recent ones in my opinion are much better and improved.

For requesting the process is simple really. No need to fill the forms , just request what you need and I will do it.

Please know that I am only human! It might take time for me to complete your requests since I am a teenager but I will try to do it as fast as I can!

And please do not forget to credit me and @EpisodeNirvana in the art works I make for you!

Have a good day!


This is going to be a silly question so sorry in advance!

Do you do art scenes? It doesn’t have to be a drawn one but just slightly edited.

I have been let down by the same group twice and I really need some help.

It’s ok if you can’t.

Just curious :slight_smile:

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I am still in the process of learning how to draw properly but if you tell me I might be able to do it or if I can not I know many people who would be glad to do it so go ahead!

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Thanks for the offer!

I’m just waiting on a reply from one of the original artists but I’ll let you know If I still need help :slight_smile:

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Sure! I hope your art gets done either way!

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hey can i request a large cover ?

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Go ahead love.

Wait a minute. I am uploading the forms in 2 minutes if you could wait till then to request.

Okay :slight_smile:

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@Chloeee thanks for waiting. You can fill the form now!

it says it is unable to open as it is unable to open at this time

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Okay then you may request without that. I will do it either way. Sorry for the trouble.

Dont stress i will just do it here

can i please have a small cover
can my character be standing on the left side doing idle_guitar and next to her have Hunter doing flirt_wink can if you can the background a blurred city or brick wall i dont mind And at the top it sayin mysterious 5 in full black or white letters whatever suits

this is what they look like’
My character
Skin Honey
Eyes Upturned bold (black)
Hair beach wave (black)
Eyebrows seducive arch
face soft heart
Nose eleven
Lips full round (taupe)

Hunter :
Skin Honey
eyebrows mediam sharp
Hair short cropped (charcoal)
eyes classic round (black)
Face defined triangle
nose button
lips uneaven (terracotta)
and can he please be wearing black hipster glasses

Thank you so much :blush:

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Wait I am going to make it now but just a quick question , I thought you wanted a large cover?

Can you please make an edit of me

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Sure! Please send the details and I will get to it soon!


Should I send here or in message

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As you wish honey! I don’t mind either.


Omg sorry i meant a large cover t im sorry for the inconvenience

can i please have a large cover

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No problem.

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