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Is this were its suppose to end because I can’t get past this. It’s not even telling me if I’m doing something wrong. I did the whole form 3 times!


I’m stuck right here

Edit Request Form



I am so sorry can you just give me a sec to see what’s wrong


You know I’ve been searching for someone to do my art cover for a while now almost the whole summer. I do some of my own cover but there not that good…Do you know what I think now? I think I’m the only reliable person there is


It’s ok you tried…I’m just stressed I think I gonna try to make my own cover; maybe cry for a bit and then try to find out how professionals make covers from YouTube the cry some more.


Noooo it’s alright I just found the problem it should be all good


Okay I made so progress but now it thinks I have a male character and I don’t I never put that on the from


No please don’t say that i’ll Be more than happy to make you one


No I put that in just in case but you can skip it




Thank you so much. Your actually the first person that said they’d help me with the cover and really did something. SO NOW I AM CRYING TEARS OF JOY THANK YOU!!!


Awwww :heart:


Did you submit it?


Almost there :slight_smile:


Oh alright :grin:




I’m making the character rn


Just texted ya on insta


Ok let me check it