Requests feedback chat

Hellooooo :disco:
I was thinking how about an Instagram chat that there we can give feedback to each other?
Not only for art but for for edits and fir backgrounds and everything else
What do you think?
Authors can join too
If you want to join the group chat just write your Instagram handle :wink:


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I think this is a really good idea! I just don’t really do art or edits so I don’t think I’ll be joining :sweat_smile:

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:grin: Are you an author , a reader or you do something else too?

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I’m an author and a reader

Oh okay then :blush:

Can I join ? I do art but I’m always so insecure, and also I love seeing/reading other peoples stuff!

i want to join too! i started digital art not so long ago and itd rly help if i got advice😊 im also writing an episode story thats ongoing:]

Sure just leave your Instagram :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Yes of course you can join too just leave your Instagram

Hi :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Actually you know what since you’re an author you can join too if you want?

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I mean, if that’s alright with you I’d be glad to join :sweat_smile:

Yay :heart_eyes:
Alright I already have your Instagram I just need the other’s too at least one to make a group chat :joy:

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oh right i forgot :sweat_smile:
@magic.ash8 :blush:
Thank you!!:two_hearts:

Alright :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I’ll make the group chat with you and @foofoo and when @Lar.episode says her Instagram I’ll add her to it

Is this your account?

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It’s lar.episode

Oh okay :slight_smile:

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Yes!!:smile: Thanks for adding me

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Np :two_hearts:

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