Requests on how to use blankets?

Please guys how can i use this blanket overlays to cover characters while sleeping?


Thanks in advance

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Add it in the scene on a higher layer than the character’s one

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So you have a background. And you place you character and the blanket should be an overlay.

&GIRL spot AND GIRL is (put a sleep animation here) AND GUY spot AND GUY is (sleeping animation)

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I actually have backgrounds and blanket overlays but how to add the overlay into the scene , thats what am confused about.

Please can you help me about that?

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Have you added it into the portal?

yes have added the character and backgrounds , it remains only the blanket

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Can I see your script and a picture of what you see?

This guide will help you to add the BLANKET overlay in your scene:


This video might aid you.

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