Requests open now

Hello lovelies,
I have recently opened my requests with only 2-3 spots at a time. Right now I am doing 2 birthday edits that I need to get done before 20 of the moth but after then I’ll be able to start working on your requests. Are you interested in requesting? I can do R4R, shoutout/review, art pieces and highlight covers. Pm on my main ig @katan.episode if you want to see art examples or if you want to request R4R/art piece/highlight covers. Pm me on my second ig if you want to request a shoutout/review. About review and shoutouts I have a YouTube channel called Epi KatTV that I also post stories and stuff like that I recently started it so if you want me to post your story or have any recommendations plz comment on one of the same post I have in these accounts. Now if you don’t have ig, I will only be able to send you your request through email because my forums don’t send pics I think my phone has the problem tho. If you have any questions I’m here to answer the. Everything is free. Anyways thanks for checking this out!!

Have a good day/night