Require INK Background Characters [OPEN]

I am in need of Background characters for my stories. Just fill the form below and I will be sure to add you and your Episode Bae into one of my stories. You can submit your Episode BFF too for it,

NOTE: I like to add diverse characters into my story. INK ONLY.


Thank you so much in advance to everyone who submitted. :blush:

Thank you so much!:blush:

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I just submitted one!:slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!!! You can submit another one of your bae too. Need male characters!

He doesn’t have an instagram though, is that okay? I submitted him under my instagram.
Also, as a side note: if you do use us in the backgrounds, he is a head taller than me. Just letting you know.
But do what you want :wink: thanks for everything! :blush:

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Of course I need your instagram only! It’s just in case I want to give the character a dialogue at times. Usually I don’t but just in case. And thank you so much.

In need of more characters!

just submitted my details! I’m excited to read your story!

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Thank you so much. I will mostly be adding characters to Episode 5 and further on!

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Just submitted!

I will be letting you all know via Instagram or the forums when I will be using it😊.

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: