Required Story Info

I have tried everything. I’ve contacted support did all their steps, deleted and redownloaded the app, used free WiFi and my own WiFi, used my data, closed out of the app and restarted. Shut my phone off and I have 60 G of storage on my phone. So why is this app all the sudden not working. I’ve been playing it for almost 2 years and now none of the stories will load.

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wait what’s happening? lol explain your situation a little please?

Every time I load up an episode it says “we cannot play this episode because required story information is missing” it’s on every single story.

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you should submit a ticket. idk if it’s a common glitch or not, but i haven’t really seen this an issue for people.

That’s the thing, I have and now they won’t respond to me because I went through all of their steps and it didn’t help.

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try talking with a staff member live so they can better understand it. idk