Requiring cover art

Hi There! I’m a new writing team who is trying to publish our first story. I was wondering if there is anyone who would take requests to make a cover for our story?

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Episode harmony can

I can try!!

Thank you for the fast reply!
The story is called Monster Bestfriend
Well as for the author’s name, we’re coauthors. Can you put both of our names there? Our names our Rhea Blance and Ayme Noire. In regarding the backround, can you use the same one in your example hell or highlander? If not, a simple black backround will work.


Can you send the characters details or screen shot on this threa

Hi! Thank you. Would the requirements be the same as Episode.Harmony?

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Cool! So do we just send the details and what backround? Because I have an idea of what I would l like and can you do a splash as well?

Before we continue, my Ayme wants to know if your services costs money.

We do this for free

I’m with @abygail.bauman were in the same group

Ok. So for the cover, the main characters are customizable and it be three people. In the middle, main character (female) would be in the middle looking scared. On the right, the first love interest would be facing her but angled towards her neck like he’s kissing it. This would also be the same for the male on the left. If possible, where the two males mouths meet her neck, there would be blood trickling down the girl’s neck. The blood will spell the Monster Bestfriend in the middle and at the bottom, our names MuracoMoon and RheaBlanc will be at the bottom in white letters equally spaced. The backround would be a simple black.

I apologize to cut this short but may I send you the descriptions tomorrow?

Thank you