Reread chapters?

Okay so a lot of my favorite stories have been updating, which is great lol, but EVERY single one is making me read the previous chapter. And I mean like, some of the authors of these stories don’t make changes until the chapter is far enough back that readers don’t have to play it again. Is anyone else having this problem? I am fine with rereading, but it is so weird that every single one is making me do this… Like, I am on episode 10, and episode 20 is released but I have to reread 10?? What???

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i had the same issue. i was on chapter 41, 42 cones out then i have to re read 41

but like, real talk, this has been happening to me for at least a year now.

Authors should have a skip chapter button. And disclaimer to say only minor changes are made so for those whonalready read the chapter can skip it. At least that’s what I learnt and implemented in my story already.

I’ve encountered those authors, whoever the authors that implement a skip button, you’re the real MVP’s.
But the stories I mostly read don’t have skip button so… rip.

Can feedback to those authors my suggestion via their fan mails or their DM here on the forums if they are on the forums.

If you are that far behind with the stories, then I’m pretty sure most of them are updated due to the new guidelines. The content in my stories were in line with the guidelines, and still, I had to edit all my episodes because even the words like “shit” had to be censored, and I use that a lot. Some authors might even had to rewrite whole scenes.


I usually provide a skip button, but my new story has a point system. So if I offer it to skip, my readers lose all the points :sweat_smile: I guess it’s just good motivation to proofread like nobody’s business.

But that may be a reason not every author adds that option :woman_shrugging:t3:


I update my stories too. But nothing significant and nothing important to force reader to reread it, that’s why I always place SKIP button at the beginning even if story uses points.

If you’re forced to go 10 chapters back, then something is WRONG, because even if a writer updated some far away chapter, you should be sent to reread just one previous, as far as I know.

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