Rereading Has Me Thinking!

Recently I’ve been rereading some episode stories, like The Matchmaker, Glitch Girl, Love Life, Falling for the Dolan Twins, Clueless : School’s Out and Pitch Perfect. All of these are in “Limelight” (or some form), the newest current style in episode and my favorite. What I’ve noticed is that all of these have amazing outfits, hairs and face details. This is one of the many factors why I enjoy the stories even more but, what sucks is that all of the features I’ve named (amazing outfits, hairs and face details) haven’t been available for the community creators and what I’d like to see is these features to be released. However, I do know that some PP outfits have been released and same with tattoos and beards from Love Life. I just want to be able to see these features in the future of episode.


It does kind of stink, but we do have some of the beards now!! They just updated LL males! They added it to the faces section :grin:

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