Research! Creator for making me a LL cover!

Hey hey there!

I’m currently searching someone who could draw me two cover for my stories! IDK what you guys need to know, but I’ll give informations and if you need anything else, please ask me :smiley:

Thanks in advance!

The first is One love at the time
Genre: Romance
Author: ALX
Insta: alx_episode
Resume: Lola is an ordinary girl, until she meets Caleb, and her life turns upside down, because they have to keep it secret, but for different reason. Typical? Believe me, it’s not. CC

Here’s the current cover:

Here’s my second story: Love and Debt
Author: ALX
Genre: Drama
Resume: He’s rich, attractive and broken. She’s cold, orphan and a thief. When their paths crossed, things get messy. This is where it’s getting interesting. CC
Here’s smy current cover:

Thank you so much :smiley: xx

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As in you want Hand-Drawn covers?

Yeah or anything that is gonna be propose, I don’t know anything about it! :slight_smile:

Are you looking for a free artist or does commissions work? :blush:

Free artist :confused:

I can make a creative edited background…
Here are some recent examples.


Hello ! Thanks, but I really wanted drawing style ,:smile:

Idk if this is intentional but “ignorance” being spelled wrong is funny as

It is, yes. The character has an impediment for spelling.