Reset my episodes story

Hello, since the last update of the app all my skin that i choose during my story have changed! I would love to restart them but i can’t for some stories. So i would love to reset at zero all my progress of all my stories… but i don’t know how ? Someone can help me please

If your story (and/or a story that you are reading) is in Limelight, it’s probably because of this update:

Not to worry,
then there’s this:

in which @Dara.Amarie updated her templates for Limelight (so kind of her) to fit the new skin tones.
Also, on the writer’s portal, when you’re working on an episode, on the side you’ll see script templates, under Animations by character and above props. Click on script templates, then you can click on either Avatar - Limelight Female or Avatar - Limelight Male and the template will appear automatically in your story.
For example, if you click on Avatar - Limelight Female , you would need go to assigned character, and scroll down to the character you want to customize and voila, you get your template.

I hope this helps xoxo