Reset Replays on Mobile App?

Hi guys,

So I’m going through my story on my phone searching for bugs, glitches, weird mannerisms, etc. and it looks like I’ve maxed out my allowed number of replays and I’m just wondering if there is any way to reset this. Using my phone is very helpful when it comes to viewing it exactly as the reader will see it and it would suck to have to only use interactive. I can’t just skip through lines on my old reads because it crashes the app when I get to phone text scenes.
Thanks in advance!

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Are you viewing your story through the create tab in the list to the left?

Because there’s no max amount of times you can view your own story.

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Well for your stories you shouldn’t have to replay it. Just reset story progress.

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Yes, I am, I’m not sure what’s going on with it but things are getting out of control!



Lmaoo, what happened

I have NO IDEA… SEND HAAAALP :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Send in a ticket to episode

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Can’t you only replay 5 times? That’s the max.

I figured it out! I didn’t know there was a “reset story” button under the Navigation menu. Thanks!

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They helped me figure out that you can replay your own stories as many times as you want, you just have to go into Navigation on the right side and “reset story”, I’m glad they told me because I would have never figured it out.

Why does this make me crack up😂


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