Resetting character customization by reader - help

Hey, so I’m having trouble trying to reset the MC before a flashback or adding a specific customization like changing a hair style for a specific scene. Would the correct way to reset be using the “MC becomes MC2”? or is there a better way of coding it? It’s so frustrating because my MC keeps changing back to her original format from the beginning of my story.

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You mean Hairstyle only?

You can check it out @Dara.Amarie 's template.

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If you’re just changing a hairstyle for a scene and want to maintain the reader’s CC, you can use this command:

@CHARACTER previews hair name of hairstyle

and then use:

@CHARACTER unpreviews hair name of hairstyle

after the scene!


Thank you so much! I finally understand the preview/unpreview command.

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